Offshore Worker Who Lost Leg while Plugging Well Explains Why Zehl & Associates “Is the Best”

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Maritime Worker who was Injured Offshore Explains why Zehl & Associates is “as Good As You Can Get”

Worker Burned in Offshore Explosion Describes Why Zehl & Associates is the Best of the Best

Injured Offshore Worker Discusses Why Z&A is the “Only Law Firm to Go With”

Offshore Worker Who Won $3.2 Million Verdict Says Z&A is the “Best in the Business”

Injured Offshore Worker Discusses Experience with our Maritime Lawyers

Jones Act Lawyers File Lawsuit On Behalf of Injured Offshore Worker

The Jones Act lawyers at Zehl & Associates recently filed suit against Montco Offshore on behalf of a cook who was injured when he slipped and fell on a freshly-waxed floor. As a result of the slip and fall, ourRead More

What Benefits Am I Entitled to Under the Jones Act?

If you are a Jones Act seaman, you may or may not be aware that you are entitled to certain special benefits that other workers are not entitled to in the event of an injury or illness. What are theseRead More

Offshore Injury Lawyers File Lawsuit on Behalf of Injured Jones Act Seaman

The offshore injury lawyers at Zehl & Associates recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Jones Act seaman who was injured while working for Houston-based Ranger Offshore. The injury occurred when the worker was attempting to manhandle a 200+ pound divingRead More


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