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Maintenance and Cure: The Facts

Maintenance and Cure: The Facts Because the sea can be a dangerous, even a life-threatening place to earn a living, the federal government enacted the Jones Act nearly a century ago to protect people who work offshore. Through the JonesRead More

Tug Boat Engine Room Fire in San Leon

The San Leon, Texas Volunteer Fire Department was summoned to the Robinson Docks on Dickinson Bayou Monday evening to battle an engine room fire on a tugboat. Due to the confined space, the fire quickly spread to the vessel’s deckRead More

Hercules Liftboat Capsizes; 5 Crewmembers Treated for Minor Injuries

Houston-based Hercules Offshore announced today that one of its liftboats, the Starfish, capsized after being struck by multiple waterspouts on the evening of September 30, 2011. The accident occurred roughly 30 miles from Port Fourchon, Louisiana. Fortunately, all five crewmembersRead More


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