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Maritime Law Covers Offshore Injuries

Offshore injuries covered under maritime law are not only those injuries related to workers compensation claims, but those related to injuries received while aboard a passenger ship as well. Passengers aboard a passenger ship are to expect the ship toRead More

Maritime Law Applied to On the Job Injuries

On the job injuries can affect anyone, with some reported cases maritime injuries are difficult to resolve due to the fact that off shore workers cannot receive the mandated medical care requirement set up by most workers compensation insurance companies.Read More

Reported Commercial Fishing Related Deaths

Commercial fisherman have one of the most deadly occupations available for off shore workers, while the annual records per state related to off shore commercial fishing deaths, have steadily declined for most states, there are still many commercial related fishingRead More

Legal Rights of Those Injured Working Offshore

There are many workplace injuries that are reported each year in connection with on the job injuries, and for those who are working offshore the rules many be a little different than that of the common work place injuries. ThereRead More

Legal Assistance for Those Injured in Maritime Accidents

There have been numerous events in history where the negligence of others caused tremendous loss of life, such as the historic event of the Titanic hitting an ice berg and sinking miles beneath the ocean’s surface. With this event 1,514Read More

Reports of Negligence Cause the BP Oil Spill Disaster

Negligent actions is the top focus of all of the BP oil spill claims in the beginning it has been proven that negligent actions such as failure to keep equipment running safely, being the first of the events to unfoldRead More

Seven Tourists Go Missing In San Felipe Boating Accident

A boating accident in San Felipe, Mexico leading to the disappearance of seven American tourists has proven that although one might be an expert at the activity, if an accident is bound to happen, it will. In July 2011, sevenRead More

2009 New Haven Boating Accident Finally Gets Justice

You cannot be directly implicated in an accident and not pay for it — even if it’s been two years since the incident. Arthur King Hall, the 27 year old boat driver who was hit with several manslaughter charges forRead More

High-Speed Boat Operators Fined For Recklessness

Intercity Group, a New Zealand-based high-speed vessel operator, has been fined and convicted by the Auckland District Court for the physical injuries suffered by boating passengers resulting in “serious back damages.” According to Maritime New Zealand, the national watchdog forRead More


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