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Cruise Ship Crime Numbers Hidden Despite Law

This past January, two young men were accused of raping a woman on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. The two men, aged 20 and 15, worked together to assault the woman. On dry land these two men would be prosecutedRead More

Asylum Seeker Boat Capsizes Near Christmas Island

An asylum seeker boat that was carrying around 200 passengers capsized in Indonesian waters last Wednesday. An asylum seeker is someone who hopes to gain refugee status in another country and is fleeing persecution. Many boats that carry asylum seekersRead More

New Safety Policy Released For Cruise Line

Following the spate of cruise liners that sank or were run aground earlier this year, three new safety policies have been implemented by cruise industry authorities, the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and European Cruise Council. The new policies areRead More

Britain Calls for Alcohol Limits for Maritime Vessels

Britain’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch, or MAIB, is calling for alcohol limits to be imposed on all boaters, after completing an investigation into a boating accident thought to be caused by the crew’s excessive alcohol consumption. The MAIB was investigatingRead More

Ship Surveyor Convicted of Obstructing Justice

Any maritime worker or recreational boating enthusiast will be aware that there are a number of dangerous risks related with working offshore – maritime workers complain of back pain, electrocution injuries, head injuries, injuries leading to loss of hearing, near-drowningRead More

Former Ohio Mayor Killed in Boat Crash

James Seney, the former mayor of Sylvania, Ohio and a well known Republican politician, was killed in a recreational boat crash during a recent fishing trip to Canada. Seney was best known for his long stand as the mayor ofRead More

Three Types of Common Offshore Injuries

If you or a loved one works offshore, you must be aware of your legal rights in case of any mishap or injury. Most of the time, people neglect the importance of consulting with specialized offshore lawyers and therefore areRead More

Understanding Your Rights in Offshore Accidents

People working offshore often have to face critical work situations that could include accidents leading to serious injury and even death. If you are an offshore worker or have a loved one working in a similar environment, you must understandRead More

Fire Dangers Aboard Cruise Ships

While investigating fires aboard Carnival Cruise ships during the past 10 years, there have been several reports related to fires, one fire reported was onboard the carnival cruise ship Ecstasy as it was leaving Miami in 1998. Another ship fireRead More

More Bodies Discovered in Wrecked Costa Concordia

Troubling news reported related to the death toll, as 3 more bodies were discovered bringing the death toll to 28, with 4 still missing, who were aboard the Costa Concordia when it wrecked. The families of the missing, are waitingRead More


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