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US Coast Guard to Accept New Communications System

The United States Coast Guard announced this week that they will be formally accepting a new communications system, which is hoping to improve rescue response times involved for offshore rescue operations. The communications system, known as C4 Systems-Built Rescue 21,Read More

Australia to Carry Out Fire Inspection Campaign

Australian authorities have announced that the country will be carrying out a concentrated inspection campaign on Fire Safety systems to be used on board vessels that travel in Australian waters, as well as in Australian ports. The inspection, which isRead More

Gulf Oil Drilling Thriving 18 Months After Deepwater Horizon Disaster

Close to two years after one of the worst oil spills in United States history, oil drilling is still thriving in the Gulf of Mexico, the scene of last year’s tragic Deepwater Horizon incident in which a BP oil tankerRead More

Offshore Contractors to Be Liable For Violations

Contractors that provide offshore services such as rig suppliers, passenger vessels and maintenance vessels are now facing the risk of liability and accountability if offshore rules and regulations are violated, after a controversial policy has been passed this week. TheRead More

Jones Act Law Suit Filed After Sailor Falls Overboard

A lawsuit has recently been filed on behalf of a sailor who was seriously injured while performing his duties of operating a sea-faring vessel. As the injuries occurred while the man was on the job, he is legally entitled toRead More

30 Confirmed Dead in Ship Explosion

Disaster has struck again in Port Harcourt, the capital of the Rivers State in Nigeria, when a number of fires and an explosion damaged four vessels in three separate incidents within hours of each other. Port Harcourt, which is situatedRead More

Barge Owner Pleads Guilty to Negligence

A barge owner has pleaded guilty in his case in a District Court in Tacoma to a number of violations of the Clean Water Act, including failure to report an oil leak of which he had full knowledge, and illegallyRead More

BP And Transocean Found Liable For Deepwater Horizon Accident

The chemical safety board (CSB) have released preliminary findings from their investigation into the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill tragedy that suggest that BP and Transocean may be held liable for the incident. The CSB report states that the oilRead More

Three Children Killed In 4th of July Boat Crash

Three children were killed after the yacht that they were travelling in capsized on the fourth of July weekend, 2012. The accident occurred off the Long Island coast in the state of the New York, as the yacht was returningRead More

Three Charged For Zanzibar Ferry Incident

Three men have been charged with manslaughter in connection with the July 2012 sinking of a crowded vessel off the coast of Zanzibar. The vessel, a passenger ferry that was transporting passengers between the two major islands of Zanzibar, overturnedRead More


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