Common Injuries & Damages

Seaman spend weeks or even months working in dangerous offshore conditions to support themselves and their families. In exchange for the physical and emotional demands of maritime work, Jones Act Seaman are paid substantially more than land based workers in similar jobs. To protect our offshore workers, the Jones Act provides them with a right to recover their past and future lost wages in the event that they are injured by a dangerous condition on the vessel or any worker’s negligence. Because this can be one of the largest elements of damages in a Jones Act Lawsuit, employers often try to hide the fact that workers can recover these damages when they’re hurt working offshore.

Don’t let your boss keep you from money that is rightly yours. Find out how to fight back by contacting an experienced Jones Act injury lawyer today.

In the wake of a serious accident, it may take weeks or even months to recover from your maritime personal injury. With each day that passes, you lose a substantial amount of income. Unfortunately, following an injury, most companies will only offer you a fraction of your total lost wages. Don’t let your employer pressure you into accepting an unfavorable settlement.

Contact a maritime personal injury lawyer at Zehl & Associates, an experienced Jones Act law firm, today to register your claim if you were injured while working on a:

  • Commercial fishing boat
  • Jack-up rig
  • Semi-submersible
  • Barge
  • Tanker
  • Tugboat or
  • Any other kind of ocean-going vessel

Your employer will try to convince you that you’re getting a fair amount, but if you’re young and can’t work anymore, your lost wages could run into the millions of dollars. Don’t be a victim twice. When the money stops coming in due to an injury, contact an experienced maritime personal injury lawyer in order to force your employer to give you the compensation you deserve.

A claim for lost wages is one of the biggest damages available to seamen who are injured. If you are unable to continue working, or are forced to seek out a lower paying job, we will do whatever it takes to get you full compensation.

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If you or a loved one were injured while working offshore, contact one of the maritime personal injury lawyers at Zehl & Associates. We’ll explain and help you protect your rights and do whatever necessary to ensure that you are fully compensated for your injuries and losses. If you prefer to meet in person, we can send a Jones Act injury lawyer to you, at no cost.

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