Troubling news reported related to the death toll, as 3 more bodies were discovered bringing the death toll to 28, with 4 still missing, who were aboard the Costa Concordia when it wrecked. The families of the missing, are waiting for identification results, as the bodies found were badly decomposed and unidentifiable, through recent reports among the missing or unidentified is an elderly couple from the U.S. and a crew member who  is either unidentified or is among the 4 that are missing.

While the captain of the ship that wrecked on January 13th 2012, Francesco Schettino is remaining under house arrest while the ship wreck is under investigation, and he is charged with manslaughter, as well as  causing the wreck and the abandonment of the ship when ordered back to assist with evacuations.

While families are still waiting for the identification process to be complete, it offers little comfort as they know the outcome at this point seems inevitable, while offering them little justification as to the cause of this horrible tragedy, as reports of negligence concerning the Captain, Francesco Schettino continue to come in, among the most recent allegations are that the Costa Concordia ship Captain, Francesco Schettino deliberately caused the ship wreck by going to close to the island.

Captain, Francesco Schettino is steadily denying all claims against him, even with a recorded conversation where Captain, Francesco Schettino refused orders by the coast guard to go back on the ship, in order to assist with passengers. What is most troubling, even when Captain, Francesco Schettino was told there were casualties he still refused to go back on the ship to assist with the evacuation process.

All passengers who were on the ship during the wreck should seek legal counsel in order to know their rights under maritime law. The cruise liner will be protecting their rights by trying to get passengers to settle for a meager amount of money while retaining most of it through corporate greed. Those who were injured while on board the ship Costa Concordia as a result of the ship wreck have rights available to them as well, including any medical expenses, lost work time, and pain and suffering.

Maritime lawyers practice maritime law, the branch of law that covers offshore related accidents or injuries, when seeking a lawyer for injuries related to the Costa Concordia ship wreck, it is imperative that you retain an attorney who specializes in maritime law.


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