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Due to the difficult and demanding conditions faced offshore each day, maritime workers are all too frequently impacted by back injuries. This type of injury can occur as the result of either acute trauma, like a fall from a significant height, or accumulated wear and tear on the bones, muscles or other tissues that combine to make up the back.

Back injuries vary widely in severity and can range from minor muscle sprains to more serious conditions like herniated disks or even fractured vertebrae.

Offshore injuries involving the back and spinal cord are always a cause for serious concern. That’s why you should never hesitate to report your injury to the proper person and request emergency medical treatment immediately.

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The spine is divided into five sections from head to tailbone:

  1. Cervical Spine: The top seven vertebrae that combine to form the neck
  2. Thoracic Spine: The twelve vertebrae stretching from the neck to the lower back
  3. Lumbar Spine: The five vertebrae that make up the lower back
  4. Sacrum: Five vertebrae fused together just below the lumbar spine
  5. Coccyx: Four vertebrae fused together to form the tailbone at the bottom of the spine

Whether you work onboard a commercial fishing boat, jack-up rig, semi-submersible or other type of ocean-going vessel, an offshore back injury can instantly destroy your ability to earn a living. Offshore back injuries can happen due to a variety of causes including:

  • Slipping and Falling on Wet Stairs, Decks or Gangplanks
  • Improperly Moving/Lifting Heavy Equipment or Cargo
  • Falling From Height
  • Being Struck By a Crane or Other Heavy Equipment
  • Falling Out of the Personnel Basket During Crew Change

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