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Cargo Ships, also known as Freighters, are large, steel vessels designed to transport huge amounts of cargo across great distances. These ships are specially designed for carrying cargo and typically come with onboard cranes and other devices to facilitate rapid loading and unloading.Houston Cargo ship injury lawyer

There are 4 main types of cargo ships, including:

  1. General Cargo/Container Ships – Vessels designed to transport pre-packaged items like food, machinery, clothing, toiletries, etc.
  2. Dry-Bulk Cargo Ships – Cargo vessels created to transport large amounts of raw material like grain, ore, lumber, coal, etc.
  3. Oil Tankers – Cargo vessels made specifically to transport liquid products.
  4. Multi-Purpose Cargo Ships – Cargo vessels designed to carry different types of cargo at the same time.

Cargo ships are also classified by their weight (measured in tons of deadweight – DWT) and size, often utilizing the names of canals, ports or locks that the vessel is able to move through.

Dry-Bulk Cargo

  • Small Handy Size – 20,000 DWT-28,000 DWT
  • Handy size – 28,000 DWT-40,000 DWT
    • Seawaymax – the largest size that can utilize the St Lawrence Seaway
  • Handymax – 40,000 DWT-50,000 DWT
  • Panamax – the largest size vessel that can utilize the Panama Canal
  • Capesize – ships larger than Panamax, and must utilize the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn to travel between oceans
  • Chinamax – 380,000 DWT-400,000 DWT the largest size vessel that can utilize the port infrastructure in China

Wet Cargo

  • Aframax – oil tankers between 75,000 DWT and 115,000 DWT.
  • Suezmax – the largest size vessel that can traverse the Suez Canal
  • Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) – supertankers between 150,000 DWT and 320,000 DWT
    • Malaccamax – the largest size vessel that can utilize the Strait of Malacca
  • Ultra Large Crude Carrier (ULCC) – enormous supertankers between 320,000 DWT and 550,000 DWT

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