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The Pennsylvania maritime lawyers of Zehl & Associates, PC have successfully represented over 150 injured maritime workers throughout the Commonwealth.  Having successfully recovered over $1 Billion in Verdicts and Settlements for our clients, our Offshore Injury Lawyers have the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to ensure that you’re fully compensated for your injuries and damages.

Whether your injured because of an unsafe job, a fellow crewmember, or dangerous equipment, our dedicated Jones Act lawyers will devote whatever time and resources are necessary to protecting you and your family.

In just the past 5 years alone, our Jones Act Attorneys have successfully represented offshore workers against some of the largest maritime and oil and gas companies in the world, including  BP, Transocean, Noble, Oceaneering and Hercules.  In addition, Zehl & Associates was one of the only law firms retained to represent workers injured in 5 of the nation’s worst workplace disasters in the past 10 years: the BP/Transocean Deepwater Horizon explosion, the BP Texas City Explosion, the Imperial Sugar Refinery Explosion, and the International Paper Explosion.

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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s countryside, filled with flowing rivers and beautiful lakes, has provided an ideal environment for the growth of the Commonwealth’s maritime industry. The Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Delaware, Mississippi, and Ohio rivers flow through this historic state and provide a resourceful means of transporting goods throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. With major cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Eire boasting some of the nation’s largest and busiest ports, it’s obvious why the Commonwealth has become a center for international commerce. Philadelphia, for example, is known as the “Great Port City,” and has become a key entry point along the Delaware River for forest and cocoa products. While Port Erie, the Commonwealths only port along the Great Lakes, has become a hub for the industrial industry in the U.S. and Canada. The Port of Pittsburgh, on the other hand, is the nation’s 2nd largest inland port and is responsible for creating over 45,000 maritime related jobs.

Offshore Injuries in Pennsylvania

Along with the continuing success of Pennsylvania’s various ports, there has been an unfortunate rise in the number of offshore workers who have been injured or killed on the job. These offshore injuries are due in large part to the negligent behavior of maritime employers who continue to ignore their responsibility to provide crew members a reasonably safe working environment.

If you or a loved one were seriously injured in an offshore accident, contact the Jones Act lawyers at Zehl & Associates today to learn how to enforce your rights. Our team of experienced offshore injury attorneys will devote the time, energy and resources necessary to earn you maximum compensation.

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