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Oil tankers are large maritime vessels that generally come configured in one of two ways: as a crude tanker or as a product tanker. Crude tankers are designed to carry large amounts of unrefined oil from the point of extraction all the way to the refinery. Product tankers, which tend to be smaller than crude tankers, are specifically designed to move the finished product from refineries to markets where it can be sold.Houston oil tanker injury lawyer

Tankers are typically classified by their size, ranging from small inland or coastal tankers designed to carry 2,000 metric tons of deadweight all the way to Ultra Large Crude Carriers (ULCCs) which can haul up to 550,000 metric tons of deadweight. According to estimates, tankers are responsible for transporting approximately 2 billion metric tons of oil annually.

Oil tankers generally come equipped with one of three hull designs: the now largely obsolete single-bottom hull, the double-bottom hull, or the complete double hull which allows for extra space between the hull and the tanks.

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