Commercial Fishing Boat Injury Lawyer

Commercial fishing boats are specialized vessels that come in a wide variety of sizes. Small commercial fishing boats, those measuring less than 80 feet, are often made of fiberglass while larger ships are generally made of steel. The world’s commercial fishing fleet is estimated to include over 4 million active vessels.

Types of Commercial Fishing Boats:

  • Trawlers– These are ships designed to maximize the number of fish caught through the use of large trawl nets. Types of trawlers include:
    • Outriggers – These vessels are often used in shrimping
      • Pair Trawlers – When two trawlers operate together with a single trawl net;
      • Freezer Trawlers – These vessels are equipped with onboard refrigeration units to preserve fish during an extended voyage;
      • Stern Trawlers – These ships are designed to deploy trawl nets from the rear or stern;
      • Wet Fish Trawlers – These vessels are designed to store fish without refrigeration, must return to land frequently to offload catch.
  • Seiners – These ships are designed to catch fish species that are found close to the surface of the ocean.
  • Line Vessels – These ships utilize long, heavy-duty fishing lines fitted with thousands of smaller branch lines known as snoods. At the end of each snood is a baited hook
  • Trollers – These vessels are designed to catch fish by pulling trolling lines fitted with baited hooks.

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