The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA), the government body that is responsible for the coordination and supervision of maritime regulations throughout Dubai, has launched a new campaign to encourage owners of unlicensed recreational water vessels, such as jet skis, to come forward for registration of their vessels.

The registration campaign is set to start on December 15th, 2012, and is planned to run for two months, until February 2013, said DMCA authorities. The campaign will focus on educating recreational vessel owners of the importance of proper registration of watercraft such as jet skis. The campaign comes after a number of accidents involving unregistered jet skis in the emirate of Dubai. Owners of the unregistered craft did not have the required documents that display proof of ownership, such as proof of purchase of the vessel.

The campaign aims to make registration of jet skis a simple and convenient process. Vessel owners will need to complete an application form, present identity documents, and bring the jet ski or other recreational vessel to the DMCA’s headquarters, which are found at Rashid Port. The initiative will be accompanied by a media campaign to raise public awareness about the project.

The Executive Direction of Operations of the DMCA, Ali Al Daboos, stated that this new campaign serves to add to the DMCA’s efforts to improve maritime safety and regulation in Dubai. The DMCA is aiming to ensure that all owners of recreational water craft in the emirate conform with international regulations and best practices. By so doing, vessel owners can create a safer marine environment for the enjoyment of water sports in the region.

Jet skiing is an increasingly popular water sport in Dubai, Daboos added. Previous legislation instituted by the DMCA regarding jet ski use included dedicated jet ski use areas on major beaches, speed limits for jet skis, and campaigns to improve public awareness about safety measures to implement in order to decrease the risk of jet ski accidents.

Daboos emphasised that the DMCA is a body that continues to build cooperation and communication channels with other marine authorities in the region, and is dedicated to ensuring that the maritime sector in the emirate continues to develop and add value to Dubai’s economy. Water sports continue to be a major draw for tourists to the region, said Daboos. The DMCA hopes to cement Dubai’s position as one of the world’s leading destinations for maritime activities.


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