Zehl & Associates is pleased to announce that the magistrate judge in one of our Jones Act offshore injury cases, Howard v. Offshore Liftboats, LLC – Civil Action No. 13-4811, C/w No. 13-6407, No. 14-1188, granted the Plaintiff’s motion for costs and sanctions against Attorney Robert “Bob” Reich, lead counsel for Offshore Liftboats, for his rude, disrespectful and extremely unprofessional behavior during the depositions of Plaintiffs Calvin Howard and Raymond Howard as well as witness Sylvester Richardson.

The Court sanctioned Mr. Reich with a fine in the amount of $1,500.00.

Further, the magistrate barred him from taking part in any future depositions in these cases.

Offshore predictably appealed the ruling on five (5) separate grounds but, despite Mr. Reich’s best efforts, the decision to sanction him was affirmed.

Our law firm prides itself on not only maximizing our clients’ recoveries but also protecting them from abusive defense lawyers who can be just as nasty as the companies they are hired to defend.

In the wake of a serious maritime injury, you need someone that is willing to fight for you to the very end in order to ensure that you receive FULL compensation for your injuries and losses.

That way you and your family can live the rest of your lives with financial peace of mind.

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