Offshore Injury Lawyers - Jones Act Assault

The offshore injury lawyers at Zehl & Associates have filed a lawsuit on behalf of a tankerman who was seriously injured when he was attacked by a fellow crewmember while onboard a vessel in the Mississippi River.

The crewmember responsible for the assault had a documented history of committing acts of violence as well as carrying weapons during prior periods of employment with other companies.

The Defendant, Harley Marine, knew full well the danger of hiring such a volatile, violent individual but chose to do so anyway–placing the entire crew in harm’s way.

When this unpredictable individual happened to overhear a casual conversation between our client and another seaman, he immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion and attacked with his fists, throwing and landing several punches.

Unfortunately, our client was left with a torn lateral meniscus in his knee as a result of the melee.

Due to the extent of the maritime injury, he has been unable to return to work since.

This tankerman’s lawsuit is seeking damages for maintenance and cure, medical expenses in the past and future, pain and suffering and lost earning capacity.

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