Negligent actions is the top focus of all of the BP oil spill claims in the beginning it
has been proven that negligent actions such as failure to keep equipment
running safely, being the first of the events to unfold in the BP oil spill
claiming negligence. Negligent actions have been reported from the first day of
the BP oil spill disaster, causing the death of eleven men working on the oil

Equipment failure, due to negligent actions of BP, as of a report issued eight years prior to the BP oil spill from a company known as Minerals Management Services discovered that 50 percent of the sheer rams, the equipment that is supposed to cut off the flow of crude oil failed to work under their inspection.

The Cement Seal failed to work as well, although this isn’t directly the liability
of BP since this service was provided by a different company known as
Halliburton proving negligence on the part of Halliburton as well.

While negligence clearly played a role in the BP oil spill, that caused massive
damage and the loss of eleven men as a result, most would assume that BP oil
would not only pay for the damage caused by their negligent actions but as a
result others who work for BP would be honest with information pertaining to
the BP oil spill, instead we are seeing reports of cover ups such as.

BP purposely withheld information about the massive amount of oil leaking into the
gulf coast.

Kurt Mix, a BP engineer, has been charged with obstruction of justice due to his role
in covering up the massive oil spill, as he has the most blatant evidence
against him, in an attempt to cover up the amount of oil leaking into the gulf
by, destroying text messages describing massive amounts of oil spilling into
the Gulf of Mexico with much more than BP revealed to the public.

Through email exchanged between Kurt Mix and Rob Marshall who was a BP manager of
sub-sea operations, also reveal a cover up revealing a much larger flow of oil
into the Gulf than what BP reported.

While BP oil steadily tries to force blame on others for the oil spill, they are showing
more signs of guilt by their own behavior, with the need to cover up their
negligence by eliminating important information pertaining to the oil spill.


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