People working offshore often have to face critical work situations that could include accidents leading to serious injury and even death. If you are an offshore worker or have a loved one working in a similar environment, you must understand your legal rights in the face of any dangerous situation.

How Offshore Accidents Occur

As per records and statistics, employer negligence of safety conditions and operations process is the main reasons for offshore accidents. Equipment failures, worn out safety products and a poor boat/ship structure are one of the main reasons for accidents and
injuries. Sometimes it is also the negligence of another seaman that leads to fatal injuries. All offshore companies are suppose to be providing a safe work environment but most of them would prefer spending money on other factors bringing  in higher profits rather than
taking every precaution possible to take care of their workers. This is why cargo accidents, failed equipments are the main causes behind serious physical injuries and companies eventually end up paying for medical compensation, wages and treatment facilities to injured parties.

Your Seaman’s Rights

Regardless of the responsible party in an accident, you still have your seaman’s rights. You are entitled to receiving treatment expenses and payment for wages during the journey at sea. Treatment expenses include medical care, hospitalization along with tests, therapy and hospital boarding. This will be taken care of until you are fit enough to get
back to work. You are even entitled to choosing your doctor and go for another treatment opinion if you are not satisfied with the company’s treatment procedure.

If an accident was caused because of negligence by another, you can file for damage recovery. The Jones Act Claim is designed specifically for workers at sea who have are legally protected by the act. Using this act, you can claim for compensation, damage recovery, medical/treatment expenses and in some cases even sue the company/party for worn out safety equipments or careless/negligent operational process. People working or are planning to work offshores must visit maritime law experts such as Fitzz Zehl who can guide you through the intricacies of maritime laws. The company will help you reclaim rights while also securing your medical expenses. It’s pertinent you or a loved one meet up with a professional lawyer immediately and sort out legal problems because this is a lengthy process and the sooner you get done with it, the better.


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