Current news reports reveal that the death toll of the Costa Concordia ship wreck, is a
total of seventeen, with fifteen still missing, and the water conditions are hampering the search for bodies.

According to the most recent reports the search for bodies inside the ship, below the water
has ended, while emergency crews will still search for bodies in the part of the ship that is above the water.

For the families of the missing this will be devastating, as they prepare for the loss
of loved ones who were aboard the Costa Concordia when the ship wrecked. Although the decision to stop the underwater search for bodies was based on safety measures obtained from information gathered from tools that measure the movement of the ship, concluding it is no longer safe for rescuers to dive under water.

While the ship wreck is being investigated, the cruise line is offering passengers
financial compensation to avoid legal action, which seems to indicate the cruise liners guilt, as reports steadily rise concerning the ship Captains behavior following the Costa Concordia ship wreck.

Families of those who are still missing following the cruise wreck, can at least gain some
comfort in the fact that the Captain of the Costa Concordia is being charged with manslaughter, and is currently under house arrest, as the negligence of his actions endangered the lives of 4200 people, and caused the deaths of seventeen, with an additional fifteen people still missing.

Carnival Group, is offering uninjured passengers a total of 11,000 euros each, in Us Dollars
the amount being offered is, $14,500.00 each, and £9,200 each, this is an attempt to get the passengers of the Costa Concordia to drop all legal charges against the Carnival Group. The skills and expertise of a Maritime lawyer is necessary, as Carnival Group offers a settlement agreement between the passengers of the ship, they are also showing a sign of guilt.

Passengers who lost their lives as a result of the Costa Concordia ship wreck, have devastated families who are still waiting in some cases on reports of the passengers who are still missing as a result of this ship wreck.

Seeking the expertise of a maritime lawyer, who specializes in maritime law is
necessary, in order to answer any questions or concerns about legal requirements in regard to maritime law, and any legal rights the families of lost loved ones may have to compensation.


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