More Bodies Discovered in Wrecked Costa Concordia

Troubling news reported related to the death toll, as 3 more bodies were discovered bringing the death toll to 28, with 4 still missing, who were aboard the Costa Concordia when it wrecked. The families of the missing, are waitingRead More

Death Toll Still Rising from the Costa Concordia Wreck

Current news reports reveal that the death toll of the Costa Concordia ship wreck, is a total of seventeen, with fifteen still missing, and the water conditions are hampering the search for bodies. According to the most recent reports theRead More

Maritime Law Covers Offshore Injuries

Offshore injuries covered under maritime law are not only those injuries related to workers compensation claims, but those related to injuries received while aboard a passenger ship as well. Passengers aboard a passenger ship are to expect the ship toRead More

Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Wreckage Could Take 10 Months to Remove

Italian officials today predicted it could take as long as 10 months to completely remove the wreckage of the stranded cruise ship, the Costa Concordia, from the waters near Giglio. Operations to siphon the more than 500,000 gallons of fuelRead More

Cruise Ship Search Resumes, 21 Still Missing

Nearly a week after the Costa Concordia ran aground and capsized off the Italian coast, recovery teams have resumed their search for the 21 victims still unaccounted for onboard the stricken vessel. The search was temporarily suspended on Wednesday afterRead More


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