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Mandatory Weighing Of Containers Proposed

A number of prominent members of the maritime industry have proposed a set of new laws to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) that would make it mandatory for containers to be weighed before being loaded onto a cargo ship. TheRead More

Collision Leads to Sinking of Barge and Tugboat Capsize

Plans are underway for a response mission to salvage a dredge barge that sank in a collision with a tugboat on Lake Huron. The accident occurred last Thursday when the 110 foot long barge smashed into the 38 foot longRead More

Findings of Deepwater Horizon Investigation Released

The American Chemical Safety Board (CSB) is scheduled to release its findings of an investigation into the Deepwater Horizon disaster that caused the devastating 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill this week. The CSB is one of several federal regulatoryRead More

Crew Member Killed In Houston Channel Fall

Tragedy has struck on a cargo ship anchored in the Houston Ship Channel after a crew member on the vessel fell to his death in the early hours of the morning of June 28th, 2012. The crew member was standingRead More

Additional Safety Measures Adopted by Cruise Industry

As the latest response to the Cruise Industry Operational Safety Review conducted earlier this year, the cruise ship industry has adopted a number of additional voluntary safety measures designed to make cruise ships safer for passengers. The Cruise Industry OperationalRead More

Coast Guard Investigates Ship Leaking Ammonia

The Alaskan Coast Guard recently responded to reports that a foreign vessel anchored in Alaska’s Dutch Harbor was leaking large amounts of ammonia into the waters, putting the marine life in the area as well as the local community atRead More

Search for Bolinao Fisherman Called Off

The search for a group of missing Philippine fisherman was called off on Monday by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG). The four fisherman have been missing for two weeks after their small fishing vessel was smashed into by an unidentifiedRead More

Recreational Boating Weekend Ends in Tragedy

A family recreational boating weekend ended in tragedy as two of the family members were killed in a boating accident on Midmar Dam in the Kwazulu Natal Province of South Africa on Sunday. The Van Heerden family were spending aRead More

Indonesian Ore Ban May Sink Ships

There is widespread concern in the shipping industry that the soon to be implemented Indonesian ban on raw ore exports could lead to liquefaction and sinking of ships. Indonesia is one of the main suppliers of raw ore to China,Read More

Oraness Ship Accident Caused By Open Grating

It seems that all too often open gratings on ships seem to cause accidents and injuries to onboard personnel. An accident report that was recently released by the Danish Maritime Authority on an incident that occurred onboard the Danish chemicalRead More


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