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Satellite Launched to Monitor Maritime Traffic

A satellite that is being lauded as the most advanced and accurate Automatic Identification System (AIS) satellite ever built was successfully launched into orbit in July 2012, and is expected to lead to significant advances in monitoring maritime traffic. TheRead More

Dartmoor Spine Injury Victim To Row Across Atlantic

A man who sustained severe spinal injuries following a diving accident and was told he would never walk again now has plans to row across the Atlantic. Hugo Turner, a resident of Dartmoor in the United Kingdown, crushed his C7Read More

BP To Appeal Transocean Ruling

Oil giant BP is joining forces with the federal Justice Department to appeal a ruling that has decreased the extent of contracting company Transocean’s liability with regard to the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill of 2010. Transocean Ltd. IsRead More

Shell To Postpone Alaskan Exploration

Oil industry leader Shell, short for Royal Dutch Shell PLC, has been forced to postpone their planned oil and natural gas exploration expedition into Alaska due to unforeseen problems with their oil containment apparatus. Shell’s containment system was badly damagedRead More

Man Killed in Tangier Island Boating Accident

A man from Pittsville, Wisconsin has died and a friend of his injured after their boat capsized in Tangier Island in Chesapeake Bay, Virginia on Friday. According to John Bull, spokesperson for the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, 37 year oldRead More

Most Common Maritime Accidents

Any form of transportation comes with the risk of an accident, and offshore vessels are no exception. Often maritime accidents are more serious than other transport accidents because of the multiple factors involved – vessel malfunction, human error and dangerousRead More

Mississippi River Re-opens to Small Vessels

Coast Guard officials in New Orleans, Louisiana have issued a statement to the effect that some portions of the Mississippi River that runs through the state will be reopened to vessels today, following the closure of the river earlier thisRead More

Oil Industry Reforms May Be Too Little Too Late

Regulatory bodies are looking to institute new legislation to reform the offshore oil drilling industry, but many experts in the field are worried that the new measures may be too little, too late. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, RegulationRead More

Germany To Regulate Anti-Piracy Agencies

Piracy of ships off the coast of Somali has become a major concern in the maritime industry in recent years. Now, private security agencies accompanying ships has lead to a dramatic decrease in the number of vessel hi-jackings by SomalianRead More

Titanic II To Be Built With Stringent Safety Measures

An Australian billionaire is planning to build a modern-day version of the tragically destined Titanic, and has stressed that the Titanic II will be equipped with state of the art safety measures, including a ‘safety deck.’ Clive Palmer, a miningRead More


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